Thursday, 20 October 2011

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Disciplinary rules set the standard and ensure that your employees understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within your workplace. It is within the employer’s best interests to ensure that thorough and clear disciplinary procedures are in place.
It is imperative to deal with any acts of misconduct effectively, following the correct procedure in order to minimise your chances of a Tribunal Hearing. This includes; managing any disciplinary issues, holding disciplinary interviews, ensuring that your employees understand that they have the right to be accompanied during such meetings, warnings, dismissals and appeals.
In November 2010, one company was taken to tribunal for following neither their company’s disciplinary policies nor the ACAS code of practice. Whilst they had a potential disciplinary matter, the way that it was handled was incorrect when the Director’s daughter handled the investigation and disciplinary hearing, being named ‘the judge, jury and executioner’ (Henshaw v Touch Tanning Ltd)